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Awaiting you my Love

buy awaiting you my love acrylic on canvas painting

The original Indian artwork is titled 'Awaiting you My Love'.     It shows a woman with a lit diya in her hand and possibly praying for her lover's comeback in her life.    She exemplifies devotion and looks like a classic lady love of a very lucky man.     The beautiful piece of work has a background of brown and woman is dressed in the green and white gown that lends a special vibrancy to her character.     The painting sends out the strong message of love, an emotion that has the power to pull people together, separated no matter how far.     The wall painting is an acrylic on canvas available in portrait shape and delivered in rolled packing.


Vivid Sunset

buy acrylic canvas painting nature mivaarts

Vivid Sunset painting captures the hues of Sunset almost perfectly.   The red, pink and whole lot of yellow with a pinkish dash.    It makes for a perfect photograph and a perfect portrait, the latter is what we have for you.    The original artist artwork throws virtually the entire energy of Sunset in a go with a splash of colours and makes the onlooker marvel.    The beautiful message it sends out is all the ends well is well and beautiful!    The elegant art is in the form of a portrait and available for delivery in rolled packing.


Meditative Insight

buy meditative insight painting

The special quality of this styles is a blind person can also interpret this painting by touching it like the Braille writing they use to read since everything is raised and three dimensional in this painting.


Art for Bliss

buy paintings online india

Bliss brings harmony, balance, and divinity in life. Today’s busy, anxious and tensed life needs the medium which can help people in forgetting all the bad happenings to make them fresh from inside.   The masterpieces, created by Bhasker Singha, are perfectly acting as this medium – filling many lives with fragrant, softness and super-joy.

For beautiful living and blissful environment, Mivaarts presents the creative collection “Art for bliss” from their diversified gallery.   This collection has two divine artworks – Youth and Happy bring happiness.


Home Decor: Create Magic within Your Interiors with Indian Fine Arts

mivaarts indian artist painting for sale online

Indian Fine Arts have always been known for its sheer quality and vibrancy.  With its utmost charm and gracefulness, paintings and artistic creations of India have been widely used for beautification.

Home décor and interior modification too has got influenced by the country’s traditional art and culture. Indian paintings throw light upon mythological tales, rituals and epics.  There’s a lot of history involved in fine arts. Such interesting and unique beliefs and stories when depicted in wall paintings can change the entire look and feel of interiors.


A Canvas to Our Imaginations

buy contemporary art and paintings online at mivaarts

At times colours turn out to be the medium of expression when words fall short.  A painting says a thousand words and holds a million ideas.  Speculating the ideas and making deductions is what it asks for.

We, humans, are interconnected across boundaries, cultures or colours.  A mutual bond of humanity is shared between each of the entities.  However, a medium of expression is requisite for which we have media at our service.  Paintings are the janitor of information and the catalyst of evolution.


Love the Art in Yourself

original indian oil paintings mivaarts

God is a great artist.  You cannot consider the creation of creatures, filling in colours, and adding uniqueness in all the latest creations as a work of a simple artist.  Art is a great way of communicating strong messages efficiently.  Pictures are the bespoke human creations with many untold stories behind their existence.  Some reflect feelings, some motivate and some confuse – but all hits the conscious human mind to begin a curious thought processing.  The paintings, created by Mrinal Kanti Roy are the live example of such artworks.


Life of Gaddiwala

indian artists artworks online mivaarts

It sent a tangible truth through my body when I dived deeper into the painting "Gaddiwala".   I took a sip from my tea cup; all that painting reflected the truth with insights of his village.  He had responsibilities on his head that he was carrying.   All he did was to balance the art with dexterity in the portrait but he reflected the insights of his village, his initial space of struggle.   The roof of his hut, his only cow, mud wheel and a tree nearby: he had come to the city leaving all his pleasures to carry the responsibility of her mother and her wife or sister.  The portrait reflected responsibility.   I observed I do nothing besides taking sips from tea cups.


The Absolutely Perfect Way to Express Yourself

buy religious spiritual paintings online india

Considering the facts that India is the world’s spiritual capital and art is a healer of souls, it is an intriguing thought that how Indian art paintings can fill the void in the understanding of the word ‘Spiritual’ itself.

MivaArts stands as a beacon of increased popularity of modern Indian artwork.  It is dedicated to bridging the gap between the demand for Indian contemporary paintings, which is now surging upwards, and Indian artists themselves.  Capture the forces that you can barely imagine to with all your strength, right from the comfort of your home.  MivaArts is an online art gallery that features a broad selection of original paintings online for you to admire without a run across the high street.


Banaras Ghat: The City of Spiritually

oil paintings by indian artists for sale

The 'Banaras Ghat' painting subtly captures the ambience of the city Varanasi, which is also called the spiritual capital of India.  This holy city, as depicted in this artwork, lies on the banks of Ganges.  The zoomed-in view of the boatman, meditating saint, boats sailing in the water and the ghat steps leading to the water, gives you a picture-postcard sneak-peak into the actual city of Varanasi.  It aims to take you on a virtual tour to the this "City of Spirituality" and succeeds at that.


Direct from Artworld

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web.

Pablo Picasso

What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time.

John Berger

Good art is art that allows you to enter it from a variety of angles and to emerge with a variety of views.

Mary Schmich

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