At times colours turn out to be the medium of expression when words fall short.   A picture says a thousand words and holds a million ideas.   Speculating the ideas and making deductions is what it asks for.

We, humans, are interconnected across boundaries, cultures or colours.  A mutual bond of humanity is shared between each of the entities.  However, a medium of expression is requisite for which we have media at our service.  Be it print or digital media, robust interchange of information is the primary goal of every unit.  The portrait showcases a link across boundaries originating from the symbol of information interchange, the crow.  Media is the janitor of information and the catalyst of evolution.  Every single social or political reform owes its inception to the jargon created by media.  Media groups propagate information across the sphere in varied sectors.  Hence, it can be signified as the interconnected link to bring every single individual in the mainstream and make him realise his connotation.

There is much for the eyes to feast upon in this portrait.  A keen observer would easily figure out the rails in it.  Insignificant though its portrayal, it has a far-fetched significance.  The nation’s trade and commutation hold its foundation into the nerves of railways.  It facilitates computation and better information interchange across the nation.

We can further observe the paper plane with a significant inclination in the portrait.  Several speculations can be drawn from the portrayal.   As a depiction of speed and tranquillity, it showcases the speed at which the current information interchange is executed across the country.  Rather, it is not limited by the boundaries of nations or caste, creed or colour.  Everyone has the right to information and this portrait depicts it meticulously.  An entity owes its evolution to the knowledge it reserves over a period, and hence, our development and growth depend primarily upon our methodologies for rapid information interchange across various channels to ensure robust development of us as an individual and the nation in the long run.

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