Bliss brings harmony, balance, and divinity in life. Today’s busy, anxious and tensed life needs the medium which can help people in forgetting all the bad happenings to make them fresh from inside.   The masterpieces, created by Bhasker Singha, are perfectly acting as this medium – filling many lives with fragrant, softness and super-joy.

For beautiful living and blissful environment, Mivaarts presents the creative collection “Art for bliss” from their diversified gallery.   This collection has two divine artworks – Youth and Happy bring happiness.

To use the energy of bliss to transform yourself, you need real inspirations in daily life.  This inspiration is captured in Youth innovatively.  While Happy bring Happiness is a flawless piece of art to heal your spirit and align with your most ideal flow.

Both paintings are depicting elegant colours filled in our life.

Young people have the stamina, will and motivation to do things which can turn world’s eyes to them.  The potential increases and reaches the peak as the experience, inner transformation, and thoughtfulness mature.  Staying away from stress with a pure focus on the dreams helps in making witty decisions which are required for success.   It forms the base of articulated painting “Youth”.

Youth is the most energetic, blissful and memorable phase of any creature’s life – be it a human or a bird.   The colourful dreams, zeal to live the life to its full and unlimited dynamism characterises this transition – from childish to mature.

The artist has poured the liveliness with thoughtful creativity and good pictorial representation.   You can see many young human silhouettes in different positions.   The transparency of silhouettes makes the background clearly visible which has concentric kaleidoscopes – from superficial bigger ones to deep smaller ones.   It creates a meaningful illusion of transformation of dreams into reality by application of wit and skills.   You can’t be left untouched from the attractiveness of this beautiful painting.

The other painting from the same collection is a heart-touching conception from a strong relationship amongst nature, happiness, and youth.

Happiness is not standalone.   This artwork reflects the factors adding happiness to the life.  The exposure to outside world, the warmth of human relations, close connections to nature, love, affection to god's creation like birds, trees, and fishes - these all contribute equally in making a person happy.

The divine faces for people – depicted in the painting shows the peace, stress-free and joyful journey of youthfulness.    The sun, shading yellow-light on these faces, is the spokesperson of optimism.  The greenish dim background cherishes the environment efficiently.

The artist has a strong sense of finding out the special things out of the super-normal daily life routine of common young generation.

Both these painting are correlated to each other by a thread of hope, freshness, purity and nature’s forces.   The boy and girl sitting peacefully in the garden placing their backs on each other’s backs are symbolising the human bonding very fairly.

This silent peace provides a powerful energetic beginning to end restlessness and spread bliss everywhere.    The big potential can be unleashed by rightful utilisation of this power can only be done by thriving towards the centre i.e. goal of the life.

This collection forms a far perfect choice for your offices, home theatres or other important places of your house.   These will keep you reminding of the goal you carry, to boost the concentration.

You will surely find these paintings as a great combination to be around you every time to support and inspire you endlessly!

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