The 'Banaras Ghat' painting subtly captures the ambience of the city Varanasi, which is also called the spiritual capital of India.  This holy city, as depicted in this artwork, lies on the banks of Ganges.  The zoomed-in view of the boatman, meditating saint, boats sailing in the water and the ghat steps leading to the water, gives you a picture-postcard sneak-peak into the actual city of Varanasi.  It aims to take you on a virtual tour to the this "City of Spirituality" and succeeds at that.

One can see the vibrancy of traditions with sages around on this Ghat.  There are boats moving as well as lying still on the coast.  A long distance view of temples is also seen.  What's completely incredible and surreal is the imagery of a sage that's been created out of white smoke.  The subtle inclusion of a bull in this painting makes sure that it covers the complete picture of this city.  The ghat steps are shown to be thronged with devotees, who are ready to take a holy dip in the water of Ganges.  The flying pigeons represent the spiritual nirvana that a tourist might attain in the holy banks of Varanasi.  The enlarged background of the “white-bearded saint” which constitutes most part of the painting signifies peace, meditation and Godliness.  It is an actual presentation of Banaras ghats on any full moon (Poornima- an auspicious day in any Hindu calendar) night.

Apparently, this has been created to underscore the seat of spirituality Banaras commands.  The piece of painting is vibrant, energising and magnetic to some extent in pulling one towards the spiritual dham.

The whole aura of this painting will help bring peace to your home.  The theme of this painting teleports your spirit to "the other world" magically and effortlessly.  Also, the clever choice of colours used in the painting further makes it come alive and reach out to your soul!   Pictures speak louder than the words, making an immense impression on the human heart.

This painting forms an immediate connection with your spiritual soul as soon as you set eyes upon it.  Hang it in any part of your house as a home decorative and the effect will be as mesmerising as you can see in the picture right now!   Buying this painting would be the best art cum spiritual investment that you have ever done!

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