God is a great artist.  You cannot consider the creation of creatures, filling in colours, and adding uniqueness in all the latest creations as a work of a simple artist.   Art is a great way of communicating strong messages efficiently.  Pictures are the bespoke human creations with many untold stories behind their existence.  Some reflect feelings, some motivate and some confuse – but all hits the conscious human mind to begin a curious thought processing.  The paintings, created by Mrinal Kanti Roy are the live example of such artworks.

The successful depiction of feminism expresses an inspirational message very clearly.  The series “Love the art in yourself” is the result of increasing women empowerment, breaking of senseless taboos and enhanced self-love in women living in our society.

The artist has tried to make an immense impression on the viewers by expressing the menstrual cycle and fertility a subject of proud and divinity.   A strong message – “Every woman should neglect the negativity about the very natural phenomenon and enjoy the beautiful life she has got as a boon by God’s grace” - is well conveyed through these paintings.

Art is everywhere and loving that beauty is showing respect to our creator in a graceful way.  The collection of Mivaarts illustrates two beautiful paintings – Fertility and Red Rain reflecting the grace of womanly life which inspires to love the art in ourselves.

Red Rain is an eye-candy masterpiece.   It shows a conical jar, restricting a half nude woman, filled with the red fluid which represents the menstrual cycle.  The universality of the same phenomenon is depicted through other females, who are driving or standing in the same jar.   The sky is showering the red rain as a blessing to all women equally.   The women portrait is enjoying this feminine process instead of considering it a dirty or impure thing.

This inspiring imagination tends to strike a revolutionary wave of positive change towards the women members of the world.   The glorified happiness of fertility, which is caused due to the red rain, is depicted through the other painting.

This creative art piece shows a woman, turning back and smiling to welcome a new small life, blossoming safely in her womb.   This youthful bare woman is surrounded by productive organs and growing age indicator to show her increasing maturity and fertility.

The glowing peach and red body of the woman have livened up the image beautifully.   The awe-inspiring concepts carried by both painting are appreciable and a perfect choice to keep in the home or feminine medical centres to inspire every woman!

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