Copyright Policy ("MivaArts") respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects its users to do the same.  All copyright and other intellectual property rights in the artwork will remain with artist even after ownership of the artwork is transferred to the customer.

Copyright is a bundle of rights given by the law to the artistic works of the artists to protect and monetise their creativity. Copyright Act provides protection for such works, and they may not be used or reproduced without permission.

The symbol © is used for notification purposes, to put people on notice that the work is protected by copyright. Copyright allows the creators of the work in question to gain economic rewards for their efforts and so encourage future creativity and the development of new material, which benefits us all.

Copyright gives you:

  1. Ownership rights relating to your work.
  2. Automatic and free legal protection as soon as you create your work.


Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement occurs when you do certain things with a creative work without first getting the proper permission.

Some examples of copyright infringement:

  1. If buyer takes prints or sell artwork without artist’s permission.
  2. Modifying or editing a creative work without proper permission.
  3. Placing someone else's photograph or creative work online without proper permission.
  4. Using a creative work commercially without permission.
  5. Adapting someone else's creative work found in one medium to another medium, such as taking a photograph of a painting.


How to Avoid Copyright infringement

  1. The best way to avoid infringing on the rights of another creative person is to use your skill, talent and imagination to create your own completely original work. When used in reference to copyright "original" means that you created your work without referencing or deliberately copying anyone else's work during the process.
  2. Ensure that all parts of your work are your own original creations.
  3. Buyers can obtain permission to use or modify a copyrighted work by license.

 All rights reserved.