Artists FAQs / Support

Q Why I sell my artworks with MivaArts?
Q How do you promote my artwork?
Q Do I have to pay any kind of fees to join the site?
Q How do I Submit/Upload my artwork?
Q How to set the price of the artwork?
Q How do I take a great photo of my artwork?
Q How do I frame/install my artwork?
Q How do I pack my artwork for shipping?
Q Do I need to sign my artwork?
Q When & Where should I courier my artwork?
Q How do you deliver my artwork to the buyer/collector?
Q What happens if my artwork is damaged during shipment?
Q How do you protect my artwork from being copied?
Q Who owns the rights to my artwork once it is sold?
Q Can buyer’s buy my artwork living outside of the India?
Q Can I submit my artwork here if I have already exhibited my work in another place?
Q Am I able to delete my artwork from the site?
Q Which artworks will be selected for showing in the website gallery?
Q When and how do I get paid for sold artwork?
Q Can I register as an artist from outside of India?
Q Can I connect to you in any doubt?