Buyers FAQs / Support

Q What are the benefits to buy art online @ MivaArts?
Q Do I need to create an account in order to make a purchase?
Q How do I purchase the artworks?
Q Would you send framed artwork?
Q How to determine the shipping costs on my purchase?
Q How will I know my order has been successful?
Q How can I track my order?
Q What payment methods does MivaArts accept?
Q What happens if my payment is rejected?
Q Are all the artworks are original?
Q Can I get a discount, if I order several artworks?
Q I want to buy a artwork, but later, can you reserve it for me?
Q How do I remove artwork from my shopping cart?
Q Can I cancel my order?
Q What to do, if I want to return original/damaged artwork?
Q How can I add any artwork as ‘My Favourite’?
Q How can I post my comment?
Q How do I find a specific item from your list?
Q What type of packaging do you use?
Q After receiving artwork, how we are sharing our experience with you?
Q Can I connect to your Customer Service?